Remote Starters


Are You Looking for a Remote Car Starter or a Keyless Entry system? Have you been running all over town looking for a Remote Car Starter or digging through endless mail order catalogs for limited or expensive selections?

No matter if you're wanting to install the convenience of a Remote Keyless Entry system or a complete Anti-Theft Car Alarm with the luxury of a Remote Car Starter, Our Vehicle Specific, Keyless Entry, Auto Alarm or Remote Car Starter installation will meet and exceed your expectations!

Remote car starters are a perfect gift this holiday season. There’s never been a better time to get a remote car starter at Kustom Work.

Remote Starter

Package 1 - Basic Starter - 239.99

  • up to 1/4 mile range
  • Simple one-button system
  • start/stop engine function
  • comes with two (2) remotes

Remote Starter

Package 2 - Basic Start with Keyless Entry - 299.99

  • up to 1/4 mile range
  • Simple 4-button system
  • start/stop engine function
  • lock/unlock doors
  • Auxiliary output - trunk release
  • comes with two (2) remotes


Remote Starter

Package 3 - Long range Start - 329.99

  • up to 1-mile range
  • 2-way operation - remote beeps and flashes to confirm vehicle running
  • start/stop function
  • Comes with backup 1-way remote

Remote Starter

Package 4 - Long Range with Keyless - 359.99

  • up to 1-mile range
  • 2-way operation - remote confirms vehicle running
  • 2-way operation - remote confirms lock/unlock/etc
  • Auxiliary outputs - trunk, hatch, sliding door operation
  • Comes with backup 1-way remote



Remote Starter

Package 5 - Remote Starter with Alarm - 459.99

  • up to 1-mile range
  • Large LCD remote - shows on screen functions
  • remote starter confirmation
  • lock/unlock confirmation
  • alarm activation confirmation
  • Adjustable sensitivity for alarm function
  • Comes with 1-way backup remote

Remote Starter

Smart Start - add to any package - 130.00

  • Use your phone to start your car from anywhere
  • Unlimited Range
  • Simple Interface
  • Confirmation on phone
  • Inexpensive Service Plans


Additional Features and Options

  • Manual Transmission Vehicles - add $100
  • Push button Start vehicles - add $75
  • European and Luxury models - call for pricing

Remote Starters Facts

Q. Does a remote car starter void my warranty?
A. No. You the consumer are protected under the Magnuson-Moss Act. The federal government mandates that an auto dealer or manufacturer cannot void a warranty due to the installation of any aftermarket accessory. Remember, it is your car – you pay for it.

Q. What is a factory Anti-Theft System?
A. Many newer vehicles come standard with an anti-theft system that prevents the vehicle from being “hotwired.” Some systems are built primarily into the ignition, while some have key-based systems.

Q. What is a Vehicle Interface?
A. To install a remote starter into a vehicle with an anti-theft system, we must install an interface that allows the remote starter to start and the vehicle not “think” it is being stolen. In rare instances, it may require a working ignition key be placed inside the interface.