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For the very best car audio equipment you can buy, Trust Kustom Workz’s. Some car audio dealers in Buffalo will say that they have everything car audio, at Kustom Workz’s we have everything that matters! We carry only the best brands so you have the best experience. From head units and amplifiers to speakers and sub woofers, you’ll find a wide selection of the best car audio systems by top manufacturers at competitive prices. There are plenty of top car audio systems to choose from here by manufacturers such as Pioneer, Hertz, Audison, Powerbass, and Kicker, and all of our car audio equipment features the latest in car audio technology.

You've got plenty of in-car video system options, and we can help you customize the mobile video for cars. Just check out our mobile video systems and talk to a Kustom Workz’s installation technician to customize your mobile video entertainment system.

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Car Audio Equipment Selection

If you’re looking for the finest car audio equipment, Kustom Workz’s has a wide array of car audio equipment.

Radios/Head Units: Your automobile deserves more than a radio – you want a car audio system. That’s why a head unit is vital to delivering more than just radio or CD play. With today’s head units, you can record CD audio onto a built-in hard drive. Easily play back music and interchange your playlist for the ultimate car audio experience. At Kustom Workz’s, you can count on our car audio specialists for the best car audio installation of the finest head units.

Amplifiers and Speakers: It’s not enough to simply play music – sometimes you’ve just got to be heard. So our selection of car audio amplifiers and speakers offers you the potential to get as loud as you’d like. Our car audio installation experts can precisely install your new amplifier or speaker set so you can cruise away with the best car audio equipment on the market.

Sub Woofers: Let the sound resonate with our wide selection of subwoofers. These sleek, stylish models offer the best technology on the market to keep your ride an alluring car audio symbol. Once you pick out the subwoofer that helps you achieve maximum groove, count on our car audio specialist for superior car audio installation to get your subwoofer in place and you on your way.

At Kustom Workz, we know it’s important to stand out. That’s why you can get a custom car audio system from the most complex show quality car audio and mobile video system to a great quality system that fits your budget!

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