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Are You Looking for a Remote Car Starter or a Keyless Entry system? Have you been running all over town looking for a Remote Car Starter or digging through endless mail order catalogs for limited or expensive selections? Now you can use the power of the Internet to save valuable time and money while you choose from a selection of Remote Starters and Auto Security components at Kustom Workz.

No matter if your wanting to install the convenience of a Remote Keyless Entry system or a complete Anti-Theft Car Alarm with the luxury of a Remote Car Starter, Our Vehicle Specific, Keyless Entry, Auto Alarm or Remote Car Starter installation will meet and exceed your expectations!

Remote car starters are a perfect gift this holiday season. There’s never been a better time to get a remote car starter at Kustom Work.



Remote Starter – 1 Button By Excalibur117

  • $234.99 Installed with Vehicle Interface
  • 3 Year Parts / 2 Year Warranty on Installation
  • Up to 1500 ft range
  • 2 Remotes

Remote Starter -4 Button By Excalibur5e6e3dfc-57a9-41db-93cd-1bc82de3ccc9

  • $294.99 Installed with Keyless Entry, and Vehicle Interface      
  • 3 Year Parts / 2 Year Warranty on Installation
  • 1500ft Range (optional 3000ft range for only $24.99 more)
  • 2 Remotes 

Remote Starter -4 Button 2 Way By Excalibur

  • $339.99 Installed with Vehicle Interfaceexcaliber-3
  • 3 Year Parts / 2 Year Warranty on Installation
  • Up to 3000ft Range
  • 2 Remotes
  • 2 Way Remote Will Confirm All Remote Commands

Remote Starter / Car Alarm- By Pythonpython_pager

  • $434.99 Starter W/Keyless Entry 
  • $99.99 Additional For Alarm Add On
  • 3 Year Parts / 2 Year Warranty on Installation
  • Up to 1 Mile Range
  • 2 Remotes- One LCD 2 Way Remote and One Standard Remote
  • 2 Way Remote Will Confirm When Vehicle Starts, Interior Temperature and All Alarm Functions

Remote Starter Add On – Linkr Applinkr

  • Standard Add On To Most Remote Starts $119.99
  • Start Your Vehicle From An Unlimited Range  As Long As Phone Service Is Available 
  • Your Phone IS YOUR REMOTE, and Includes 2 Standard Remotes At No Additional Cost!
  • User Customizable App, Service Plan, And Features
  • All Service Plans Include GPS Tracking
  • Plans As Low As $36.95 Per Year ( $3.08/Month )

Additional Features and Options

  • Push To Start Vehicles Additional $74.99
  • Trunk Release $24.99
  • Panic / Horn Honk $14.99
  • Anti Grind Protection $24.99
  • Manual Transmission Vehicles Additional $134.99
  • Premium Vehicles (BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Ect..) Special Order Parts May Be Required. Call Or Stop In For Detailed Pricing.  


Remote Starters Facts

Q. Does a remote car starter void my warranty?
A. No. You the consumer are protected under the Magnuson-Moss Act. The federal government mandates that an auto dealer or manufacturer cannot void a warranty due to the installation of any aftermarket accessory. Remember, it is your car – you pay for it.
Q. What is a factory Anti-Theft System?
A. Many newer vehicles come standard with an anti-theft system that prevents the vehicle from being “hotwired.” Some systems are built primarily into the ignition,while some have key-based systems.
Q. What is a Vehicle Interface?
A. To install a remote starter into a vehicle with an anti-theft system, we must install an interface that allows the remote starter to start and the vehicle not “think” it is being stolen. In rare instances, it may require a working ignition key be placed inside the interface.

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