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Who We Are

Incorporated in 2004, Kustom Workz was founded to unify a group of mobile electronics professionals, installers, and die-hard enthusiasts who would eventually become Kustom Workz operating staff.

About Our Location

When you mix in the customer-oriented facilities (complete with comfort and entertainment in the waiting area), you have an all-around customer satisfaction machine that is second to none.

Top Notch Facilities

Kustom Workz is a full-service mobile electronics sales and installation facility, with several specialties, to cater to our very diverse group of customers – and satisfy them like no one else can.

Although our retail floor may seem large (being one of the largest in Western NY), what is even more significant is our having in excess of 5,000 square feet of installation facilities… facilities that are better equipped, better stocked, and home to better trained, more experienced, certified installers than other local shops. Our installers don’t just do installation work – they do installation work that is neater, more complete, and with higher sensitivity to a vehicle’s delicate electronics –our installers truly take pride in their work.

About Our Team

This group of individuals is committed to using their extensive talents and experience to give the customers what they want, and provide superior customer support – as well as leveraging our relationships in the industry to bring customers the best prices possible. Meet The Team and Read Bios!

Top Notch Services

Whether you are looking to upgrade from your car’s ho-hum standard or premium audio system, or build the next competition winning sound-quality or SPL installation into your vehicle, our audio experts can get you there. Drop by to learn the many ways that even expensive premium systems are inherently compromised – we have the ability to work with, around, and through these compromises.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to install a DVD or video gaming system into your car to become the envy (and new hang-out spot) of your friends, or keep the kids quiet in the back seat – we have hundreds of options to cater to your every in-car video need, regardless of what you are driving. Your goals are our goals.

Kustom Workz is a full service wheel and tire shop – something that is good to keep in mind whether you are looking to fit your car with a set of custom performance wheels and tires, outfit it with a set of snow tires, or just find affordable replacement tires. We carry many top brands of tires, and numerous styles, types and sizes of aftermarket wheels for your vehicle – and have trained wheel and tire service technicians who can properly mount and balance your wheels on our state of the art equipment.

There is no reason that you should envy that coworker with the new luxury car with all the techno-gadgetry onboard… because we can equip any vehicle on the road with the same options – and for hundreds, in some cases thousands of dollars less than that extravagant coworker spent on his options. Now, you can have all the convenience features that you always wanted – but in your vehicle, that suits your lifestyle, and your budget.

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